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We are very grateful to have had Colette’s special gifts to help us and our beloved cat Angel through her final months. We were ready to say goodbye to Angel in August, but thanks to Colette’s communication with her and us, we were blessed to have Angel an additional 3 months, very precious and loving months. And when it was finally time to say goodbye, Colette made the sad and difficult occasion less so, and actually uplifting for all of us. This also included communicating with our other cat Bodhi, who needed Colette’s help with understanding and accepting the situation. When Angel bounced back wonderfully for those additional three months, we believed that Angel was truly touched by an Angel, and that Angel touched her through Colette. Her services were truly invaluable.

Cathie and Frank

Working with Colette was a revelation – all my questions and struggles were given a karmic/energetic context, as if the pieces of a puzzle were snapping into place.  She helped me get in touch with the larger spiritual framework of my life in a very direct, practical, and compassionate manner.  I’ve been able to take that information and begin to make serious changes in my life, because the worry and doubt about what I’m doing here are gone.  I can’t wait for our next session!

Mustafa Abdul-Wahid

When we opened Max’s Akashic Records, Colette took me through a simple prayer focused on keeping Max in the highest good at all times, and she helped me keep his best interest in the forefront of my mind. I learned in that session that Max needed to have this experience in order to develop his courage. He needed to flick that switch inside of himself and decide to make it home on his own. It wasn’t about anything I did or didn’t do. Max knew that I loved him and wanted him home, but his Higher Self reassured me that what he was going through was meant to happen.
I spent three nights with the door open, sleeping in the cold. During that time I did everything Colette suggested, including visualizing him coming home, talking to him in my mind, and reciting the prayer given to me by Max’s Akashic Records. It felt like I was holding him in my arms, showing him the way home.
On the morning of the third day following his disappearance, I decided to focus on Max while I looked at a map of my neighborhood. I had a distinct feeling about one area and I drove around there for an hour, calling his name. I knew he was getting closer. I believed in him and kept faith in his safe return.
When I returned home, Max was at the kitchen door, crying. He looked thinner and tired, but was home, thank God, and uninjured! Max found the courage he needed to return and I had found life tools that helped – I am eternally grateful to Colette for both.

Laura D. England

Colette is gifted in helping you make things more balanced and harmonious with children and animals.

I knew that my 1 ½ year old baby was allergic to something and when I followed Colette’s suggestions and sought help, the allergies cleared up immediately. Then she told me that my son was having headaches because of a fall he’d had. At the time of the fall we had taken him to the doctor but it seemed that some of the bones in his head were still out of alignment. Our chiropractor confirmed this and re-aligned them so that his headaches went away. On another occasion one of my kitties was making a mess and again, under Colette’s guidance, we found the reason and could get it cleared up.

This is just a small taste of what she does. She’s multifaceted and touches on the spiritual, mental, physical aspects of both children and pets. I am very blessed to have her in my life and I take her advice very seriously. I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with her.

Becca H.

I was introduced to Colette as a communicator with the after life. I was searching for clarification on my mom’s desires after she passed on. Colette was incredible and creating a genuine link with her. The things Colette said were only known to my mom … There is no doubt I was able to speak with my mom. This was a very healing process!

Soon after that, I learned of the many other psychic skills Colette enjoys. I worked with her for other aspects of my life that needed emotional healing with great success.

About 1 year ago, I was considering buying a new home. However, I had an uncomfortable feeling on my stomach about it. I decided to ask Colette for guidance. I was guided to pass on the house. As Colette predicted it, the house was NOT a great buy at that time and it dropped in value almost $100K in the next few months. Simply put, the session with Colette saved me $100K!

I’m most grateful to Colette for she is always kind and generous with her advise and guidance. I’ll recommend her to anyone needing spiritual healing, guidance on their life or communicating with the after life.

Nate Kohn

I found Colette at a very crucial point in my life, when my husband and me were struggling to have our first child.

In our first conversation, Colette gave me lots of information about my life and explained how she could help. My husband was a little skeptical about spiritual phenomena but he was also convinced once we had our first session.
We started with the Akashic Records which was very healing in many ways especially helping me understand why the delay in conception; that was a huge relief! As importantly, it helped me to heal my body and gave me confidence to go forward with the health treatments I needed to conceive.

Then Colette helped us speak with our Spirit Babies, a girl and a boy. We were taken aback by how many details of our life were revealed by our future kids.
Within 2 weeks after having our first spirit baby session we conceived ! We had another session during pregnancy where we knew that our boy baby was coming first even before having a gender scan. We got to know a little about him and his character, which I believe will help me to guide him properly as a parent. He had a say in the choice of his name and shared about his likes and dislikes. Amazingly, he told us that he didn’t want to come early and wanted to take his own time in the womb … true to his word, he was born after 41 weeks!
We are now blessed with a beautiful baby boy and so many aspects concerning the baby which we knew in our sessions with Colette seem true.
Working with Colette gave me hope and reassurance at a crucial point in my life and my sessions helped me grow spiritually and understand karma better.
My husband and me are absolutely grateful to Colette and her work.
She is compassionate and will definitely bring a positive change to people’s lives.

Mani K.


It took me three months to decide to do my session with Colette, going back and forth from wanting to and listening to the voice that discouraged me with “do I really need this?” and “I can live without it.” I finally started the process a month ago and can see the immense value it has given me! I had questions for my Spirit Baby and many others about myself, my goals and my life challenges.

The best way to describe my sessions with Colette would be Spiritual therapy. I received a lot of helpful information, support and guidance, not just on the mental (conscious) or subconscious level, but the Soul level as well. The Akashic Records pointed out things that were preventing me from moving forward in my life and offered suggestions on how to overcome these obstacles, or at least navigate through them. Even my business has improved because I agreed to open my mind to possibilities I wasn’t seeing before.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no magic formula. You still have to do the work in order to see positive change happen in your life. Nobody is going to do it for you. So these sessions are not designed as a quick fix, but rather as a healing tool that helps you see what’s going on in a specific situation in your life and how to move forward in the right direction – as long as you are willing to.

I have to mention that having the session recorded proved to be extremely valuable. After listening to it for the second, third and fourth time, I was able to understand what was said much better and on a much deeper level.

I am impressed at how much we were able to cover in a relatively short time, and how much valuable information I got out of it. Colette is a kind, knowledgeable, straight to the point person who strives to work for a person’s highest good. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone.”

V. Sanders, NY

I have been distraught, seeking answers to my bought with secondary infertility. After visiting doctor after doctor I chose to see if there was any Spirit Baby around me.
My session with Ms. St. Clair was extremely touching and gave me a strong sense of renewed joy and hope. In speaking through Colette with my Spirit Baby there was confirmation that I was overworked and regimented in my approach to baby making. That I need to take time for myself and to relax and have faith in the process and she, my precious baby, will come. I was amazed at the validation I received as to my preoccupations with having a second child and physical descriptions of areas of my home. The descriptions assured me that this was indeed my Spirit Baby and that they are with me and very willing and excited to join our family.
I am very thankful to Colette and look forward to the day I can give her the great news of baby’s arrival!

Dana S., New York

Colette’s profound ability to tap into the subconscious and unconscious is unlike any I have ever experienced before. She communicates with love, a gentle ease and great respect for the soul she is working with. My session with her provided answers to questions that I did not even know I had. She was delicate, yet so spot on, in communicating with my five year old son. Anyone looking to communicate with their higher self, will be incredibly satisfied with their experience with Colette.

Candice M.


Neil Donald Walsh - Author of Conversations with God

“Thank you for being an exemplar. You are an exemplar. You’re demonstrating to others, and what inspires me about you, Colette, is that you’re giving your gifts at a very high level and changing the lives of other people profoundly. God bless you for that.”

Neil Donald Walsh
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