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Spirit Babies


Despite what our cultural conditioning tells us, our birth is never accidental and our parents are not chosen for us at random. Before we incarnate as humans, we exist as Spirit Babies with plans, hopes and aspirations as well as an awareness of what we need to learn experientially in our upcoming new life. So in life before conception and birth, we travel the physical world in search of the parents or family that we believe can provide the environment and experiences we need to fulfill our Soul’s agenda.


Giving Spirit Babies the opportunity to share a little about themselves and ask questions always gives them an added sense of security and strengthens the bond they have with us before birth.

They can also answer any of our questions – often surprising us with their intelligence and insights. They love to participate in the choice of their first name, and discuss their favorite colors or which style of music resonates with them the most.

If pregnancy is already underway, Spirit Babies get to know their future body and can often relay valuable information about it. For example, Spirit Baby Peter pointed out that the tummy of his seven-month old fetus wasn’t doing so well.

A psychic reading of the mother suggested that her diet wasn’t agreeing with her body or that of the fetus, so I suggested that she undergo a food sensitivity test. She took the information into consideration but never got around to running the test or adjusting her diet. Peter was born perfectly healthy in appearance, but cried incessantly and vomited frequently until, at 10 weeks, he was diagnosed and medicated for infantile acid reflux disease.

For couples who are struggling to get pregnant or need to understand why they’re experiencing miscarriages, healing and guidance is available through The Akashic Records to help you, your family, and your Spirit Babies.

Do Spirit Babies communicate with us?

Clients have often expressed feeling a ‘presence’ which they’ve assumed to be the Spirit of a departed pet or human, but these may be Spirit Babies who have chosen them as parents. They often visit us to make their presence felt or come to us in our dream states. If pregnancy is under way, they visit even more often to get to know us better, check on their fetal body and prepare for birth. Telepathically, Spirit Babies can engage in long conversations with us and it’s always fascinating to hear what they have to say.

What if we don’t want children or are not ready yet?

Spirit Babies may not understand our choices and are capable of waiting a very long time in the hopes that we give them birth.

Such was the case when I was first introduced to Spirit babies in 2001. I had felt a ‘presence’, subtle and affectionate, not knowing who or what it was but confident that it was harmless and sweet. I invited it closer and asked for information to be brought to my awareness. Spirit Baby Patrick eventually revealed himself to me saying he had known me for many years and reminded me of a pregnancy I had terminated in 1992. He had planned to be that baby and had followed me ever since in the hope of one day becoming my son. He was sweet, caring and compassionate. He loved animals with a passion and was fascinated with my work as an Animal Communicator. He aspired to one day become a holistic veterinarian and a writer.

We had many pleasant conversations but I repeatedly told Spirit Baby Patrick that my husband and I had decided not have children, warmly encouraging him to find suitable parents. Our relationship lasted 18 months. The last time he visited me was to share the good news that he had found his new parents and had two brothers and two dogs waiting for him. I often think of him and pray for his highest good.

Spiritual Midwife: A Testimonial

My husband John and I used Colette’s skills to help us with our dogs and for personal readings which we found very healing and mind opening.

Later, when I was six months into my first pregnancy, John (a father from a previous marriage) wanted us to have a session with our unborn baby but I hesitated. Before long I realized that my reticence came from the part of me that suggests I’m not good enough. Reminded of how helpful Colette’s other sessions had been, I got over my fear and we prepared our questions.

The session with our spirit baby was exceptional!!  John and I had narrowed the list of potential names to three favorites, and before we had a chance to share it with Colette she said, “Your baby wishes to be named Lilly.” Oh my God! That was the second name on our list. Then Lilly shared her worries about my lack of rest and about John working too much. We were so touched by her concerns that we made some positive changes to our lifestyle. The conversation was quite detailed and lasted over an hour. Lilly wanted a water birth which is what I had hoped for as well. We talked about her room and she asked if we could put star constellations on the ceiling. Through Colette, she talked about colors, music, the dogs and John’s kids. For both John and me, the conversation was the most delightful experience ever.

Three months later my water broke. It was February 10th, 2014 and four days before my due date. I had accepted an epidural and was five hours into labor but not dilating. The doctor told us to expect the process would take another five hours or more and not to rule out caesarian. I got worried so we called Colette. She spontaneously connected with Lilly who said that she was afraid of leaving the safety of the womb especially knowing she wasn’t getting a water birth. Colette spent a few minutes reassuring Lilly and then guided John and I through relaxing visualizations and breathing exercises. Lilly was in our arms one hour later, clearly relaxed and smiling ever so sweetly.

We have deep gratitude and respect for Colette’s abilities and gentle manner, and to us, she is a Spiritual Midwife.

Eva Stevens, Belgium

In this reassuring, supportive, and accessible book leading clairvoyant and medium Walter Makichen offers guidance
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Neil Donald Walsh - Author of Conversations with God

“Thank you for being an exemplar. You are an exemplar. You’re demonstrating to others, and what inspires me about you, Colette, is that you’re giving your gifts at a very high level and changing the lives of other people profoundly. God bless you for that.”

Neil Donald Walsh
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