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Akashic Records Reading

The word Akasha originated in the Hindu Sanskrit language to mean the basis and essence of all things; the cosmic field from which all things arise, from stars and planets to living beings and even consciousness. The Akashic field was recognized by many ancient cultures including Druids, Mayans, Indians, Tibetans, Egyptians, Persians and Greeks.

Mystics throughout history have described the Akashic field as a universal library with infinite data of all events and responses concerning consciousness in all realities. Referred to as The Hall of Records in ancient Egypt or The Book of Life in the Judea-Christian tradition, both names point to the same source of knowledge and wisdom known as The Akashic Records.

People we associate with the Akashic Records include Nostradamus, Helena Blavatsky, Edgar Casey, Alice Bailey, Ervin Laszlo and Rudolph Steiner.


Why are the Akashic Records important to us?

In practical terms, the Akashic Records hold complete and accurate vibrational information of every thought, state or deed ever perceived or expressed by every human throughout space and time, along with a precise record of the interconnectedness of all beings and things linked to each individual.

Omnipresent and omniscient, the Records contain everything we need to understand about ourselves, our life and those in it. They enlighten our perception and help us integrate our soul’s love, awareness, wisdom and purpose.

The Records can take us to the points within our being where truth converges with everything that complicates our life. They do so by addressing all conscious and unconscious questions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are part of our human experience.

Healing with the Akashic Records can be compared to a combination of hypnotherapy, to reveal our subconscious wounds and beliefs; energy psychology, to help us heal and transcend; life or business coaching, to guide and support us through specific transformations and manifestations.

With infinite love, respect and understanding, the Akashic Records offer spiritual counseling specific to our needs to help us integrate our higher wisdoms in perfect alignment with our soul and our flow with God and with life.


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`` May we all find whatever enlightens our way to Divine Love. `` - Colette Grace St. Clair

Spiritual Therapy with The Akashic Records

It took me three months to decide to do my session with Colette, going back and forth from wanting to and listening to the voice that discouraged me with “do I really need this?” and “I can live without it.” I finally started the process a month ago and can see the immense value it has given me! I had questions for my Spirit Baby and many others about myself, my goals and my life challenges.

The best way to describe my session with Colette would be Spiritual therapy. I received a lot of helpful information, support and guidance, not just on the mental (conscious) or subconscious level, but the Soul level as well. The Akashic Records pointed out things that were preventing me from moving forward in my life and offered suggestions on how to overcome these obstacles, or at least navigate through them. Even my business has improved because I agreed to open my mind to possibilities I wasn’t seeing before.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no magic formula. You still have to do the work in order to see positive change happen in your life. Nobody is going to do it for you. So these sessions are not designed as a quick fix, but rather as a healing tool that helps you see what’s going on in a specific situation in your life and how to move forward in the right direction – as long as you are willing to.

I have to mention that having the session recorded proved to be extremely valuable. After listening to it for the second, third and fourth time, I was able to understand what was said much better and on a much deeper level.

I am impressed at how much we were able to cover in a relatively short time, and how much valuable information I got out of it. Colette is a kind, knowledgeable, straight to the point person who strives to work for a person’s highest good. I would highly recommend working with her to anyone.”

V. Sanders, NY

Reclaiming My Power Through Akashic Records Readings

My Akashic Records sessions with Colette are very healing on a deep level. I’m a single mother of an eight-year-old child with special needs, I have little family who live far away and I work full time. I was feeling very depleted, stressed and worried about the future, with little hope of ever finding happiness for myself or my son. Working with Colette is helping me get my power back and I’m now more aware of not wasting it.

The healing energy of the Akashic Records took me from feeling that no one cared about what I had to say to knowing that my voice matters. This has reduced my anxiety about speaking up at work and has given me more emotional stability in other ways too. I recently had a close relationship end and although it hurts, I’m not at the mercy of my emotions like I was before working with Colette.

It feels so good to have such powerful changes on the inside that have such a positive effect on how I experience life. With two sessions so far, I feel stronger, happier and more hopeful than I’ve felt in years. As a result my son is happier too!

I’m very grateful to have found Colette and to have experienced the healing of the Akashic Records. Both have helped me so much that I highly recommend them to anyone in need of help.

Debbie S.

A Spiritual Settlement

In late October, my husband and I contacted Colette to help us communicate with our two dogs who were clearly struggling. The reading was spot-on and eye opening. Directly and through the Akashic Records, we addressed a number of their concerns and in the process discovered how well they know us and feel our stress. The experience was nothing short of mind-blowing!

The following week, we contacted Colette to give her an update on the dogs and I happened to mention that in the next few days, we would be attending a mediation arranged through the state government – the source of all that stress we brought home. We decided to open the Akashic Records on the mediation case itself to gleam some understanding of how best to settle this situation for all parties.

The Records revealed a lot of information that helped us through the mediation, including the best amount of money to offer as a settlement. During the mediation meeting we were able to stay calm and keep our minds open thanks to our work with Colette. We also felt like we had special insight regarding everyone involved in the mediation. The plaintiffs were asking for a settlement in excess of $100,000, but by negotiating the way the Records suggested, we were able to settle for less than half of that amount in one meeting! Being able to put it behind us before Thanksgiving was priceless.

Colette has a great gift. She is a professional who will always seek the greatest good for everyone involved. We will definitely be checking in with Colette from time to time for guidance on how to best approach, handle and deal with any changes in life we may experience – personal, business or otherwise. We highly recommend that business people access Colette’s gift to consult the Akashic Records for guidance and support in order to achieve the best possible outcome in any situation.

C. Huston

small business owner

Help During a Time of Growth

Of all the different healing modalities I’ve tried, working with Colette and the Akashic Records has been the most effective. Compared to traditional talk therapy, life coaching, energy healing, and sound/color therapy, nothing has come close to the relief and self-awareness that I get through healing with the Akashic Records.

Whatever kind of challenge I’m facing, when I understand it from the view of the Records I can see it on many different levels at once – spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and past life-current life connection. It’s like getting a blueprint of the situation. While the other modalities were helpful, they were limited in scope. With the Akashic Records I get a holistic view of my current challenges because of the added levels of awareness and the emphasis on proactive healing.READ MORE

The biggest difference has been the improvement in my health. For the last year, I’ve had severe and debilitating health problems. At times they felt life threatening. Through my Akashic healing sessions, I identified the root spiritual and emotional obstructions that were manifesting as physical symptoms. Ever since then, my health continues to improve.

This past year has been very hard for me, both personally and professionally. Working with the Akashic Records has helped me process and move through this very difficult growth period. I’ve made a lot of progress in my self-awareness and self-confidence, and my life is no longer so fear driven. I’ve learned from my sessions with Colette why I end up in certain situations, how to avoid them and how to work through them effectively.

Nancy Y.

Business Owner

Fulfilling my potentials

I love the beauty and power you bring to your consulting work. You have helped me identify some of the issues I need to deal with to fulfill my potential as an artist and as a human being. You have helped me become a better caregiver to my wonderful pets and of all my beloveds. I am sending love and light that your work unfolds tenfold to help others, like myself, who despite our commitment to become our best selves, need a bit of insight and light sprinkled on our desired awakening. You have definitely helped me grow in my awareness and enhanced my well-being on so many levels. Thank you Colette, carry on that wonderful path you share with the world! In love and light.

Devorah Cutler – Educator, writer, director

Educator, writer, director


May you also feel inspired to learn to read the Akashic Records and for to that aim, we suggest the book by Linda Howe: “How to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Souls and Its Journey.”