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Afterlife Communication

Afterlife Communication: A Conversation with My Late Grandmother

“Colette has given me great insights and very accurate information during our sessions. Recently during a reading she relayed that my paternal Grandmother, who passed over many years ago, was very interested in my current progress on my spiritual path. The following week my Aunt arrived from Europe with a birthday gift for me. It was a silver framed picture of my Grandmother as a young woman! So now she literally is watching over me!

Need to contact someone who has passed?

Through her readings, Colette not only helps you see self-sabotaging patterns in your unconscious behavior, she also suggests tools to help you transcend them. I am so grateful for her gentle ways and support as I face life’s challenging ups and downs. That “extra” guidance from her readings keeps things in perspective.”~Maria M.


Neil Donald Walsh - Author of Conversations with God

“Thank you for being an exemplar. You are an exemplar. You’re demonstrating to others, and what inspires me about you, Colette, is that you’re giving your gifts at a very high level and changing the lives of other people profoundly. God bless you for that.”

Neil Donald Walsh
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