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Psychic Colette St Clair

Psychic Spiritual Medium : Colette St. Clair

A Trusted Spiritual Advisor & Mentor

Colette St. Clair is a trusted psychic spiritual medium and telepathic intermediary.   She has an exceptional ability to connect to consciousness however it may express itself.

Whether you are here seeking answers to questions beginning with “Why?” or wanting help to resolve a specific problem, the truth is that your soul has led you here to help you broaden your mind and encourage you to cultivate your relationship with the Divine.

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Neil Donald Walsh - Author of Conversations with God

“Thank you for being an exemplar. You are an exemplar. You’re demonstrating to others, and what inspires me about you, Colette, is that you’re giving your gifts at a very high level and changing the lives of other people profoundly. God bless you for that.”

Neil Donald Walsh

Pyschic Services

Find the answers you seek with a trusted psychic

Spirit Baby
& Prenatal Communication


Giving Spirit Babies the chance to share themselves and ask questions before birth always gives them an added sense of security and strengthens the bond they have with us.  Want to know what your Spirit Baby is like?  What questions would you ask your Spirit Baby?  Strengthen the bond with your Spirit Baby!

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Akashic Records

Readings & Healing

Akashic Records offer spiritual counseling specific to your needs and help integrate your higher wisdoms.    They address all conscious and unconscious questions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are part of our human experience.  Find answers to life and your being by allowing Colette to access your Akashic Records.

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Communication For Non-Verbal People

A Development Tool

Communicating is possible with people whom have Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and additional mental health conditions.  Through telepathic communication, I give voice to those who cannot speak.

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A vision, a piece of information, that may help you understand your being and change your life.  Spiritual awakening awaits!  Subscribe today.

Words from my Clients

You’re in the best of hands.
Receive the knowledge you need to improve your life!